Social Media Marketing Email & Social Media Marketing: How to Use Them Together

A business never underestimates email marketing’s power even though it is the oldest form of digital marketing.

Even today, most marketers prefer using email marketing because of its ability to produce the most impressive results.

However, Generation Z’s (1995 – 2010) creation of social networks have extended the marketing methods. Being a man of facts convinces me that email marketing is comparatively better than social media marketing.

Although I would still not use both of these mediums separately for marketing purposes, I would instead use them together because they are bound to produce excellent results when fused.

But to achieve that, it is necessary to formulate strategies that are capable enough to utilize the best of both worlds.

This article includes the leading strategies in which you can fuse email marketing and social media marketing to boost your business’s success rate.

However, before going forward, let’s understand the benefits of combining email and social media marketing.

What are the benefits of using email and social media together?

Your business will begin to benefit when you combine social media marketing and email marketing.

  1. Widen Your Reach

When you are marketing a product or running a contest on social media, you can widen its reach by integrating it with email marketing. By doing so, you will compel your subscribers to participate in the contest and purchase your product.

  1. Efficiently Helping The Community

When you integrate both your email and social media platforms, your audience does not have to worry about contacting your brand’s support whenever they have a query. They can either contact you via your official email ID or through your social media channels. So, no matter what medium they use to contact you, you will still be able to resolve their queries.

  1. Increasing Lead Generation

In terms of lead generation, emails and social networks are the leading channels used by businesses.


Therefore, when you use both email and social media for lead generation purposes, the outcome will be tremendously high.

  1. Higher Engagement Rate

When you use email marketing along with social media marketing, your posts are likely to drive more click-through rates, likes, shares, comments, etc. Hence, it is evident that your engagement rate will be high.

  1. Improved Return On Investment

The extraordinary thing about email marketing is the ROI. When you invest 1$ in it, you get an ROI of 38$, which is 3800% higher!

Social media is not a leading channel that produces high ROI, but it is not considered the worst channel either because it can also generate a decent ROI.

Therefore, by actively using both the platforms for a particular purpose, you will generate a surprisingly higher amount of ROI.


You know about the benefits of using both social media and email together for marketing purposes. I agree that you were aware of some of them, but it was necessary to mention the major ones, so we are on the same page.

It is now time for us to begin learning about the numerous ways you can combine social media marketing and email marketing to boost your success rate.

How to combine your social media and email marketing?

  1. Upload Your List Of Contacts On Social Media

Almost every social media platform gives its users the option to upload their list of contacts to their database. By doing that, it becomes easier for you to identify your audience because the moment you upload the contacts, social networks associate it with the name and picture of the user.

When you know who they are and what your email subscribers look like, it becomes easier to communicate with them. You can then start following them to gain knowledge about what they like and their needs.

How to upload your Email Subscribers on Social Media?

It is a short process that is common for almost every primary social media platform.

Author’s Note: I am giving you an example of Twitter.

Step I: Open Twitter

You should begin by logging in to your twitter account.

Step II: Select ‘Find People You May Know’

Now, you need to look for ‘Find people you may know’. This option can be found in the right sidebar of your Twitter profile.

Step III: Choose the Email handle you want to connect

As soon as you click that another window opens, which will ask you about the email handle you want to connect.

You need to click on ‘Upload Contacts’ and provide Twitter with the necessary permissions of accessing your list of email subscribers and link it to Twitter’s database.

That is all you need to do.

  1. Invite Your Social Media Audience to Subscribe to Your Emails

Over the years, you might have seen how a specific social network devoured the entire audience of an older one. 

Previously there was Orkut, but since the launch of Facebook, Orkut was officially shut down. Therefore, we may never know which social network will dominate all the present ones in the near future.

Though, it is evident that email marketing has the ability to last longer than all of them. It began with the internet and is still useful now. 

So, it will be better to get the email addresses of all your social media followers (to be on the safer side). Also, email is considered a personal medium. Plus, emails have a higher CLV (Customer Lifetime value) than social media.

There are several ways to get your audience’s email addresses:

Tactic I: Ask Them Directly

When you are on the journey of expanding your email list, you should begin by directly asking your audience to subscribe to your emails or newsletters.

Tactic II: Facebook Email Sign Up Pages

You need to use tools like MailChimp, Shortstack, or Tabsite, to customize your own email sign up page.

This is how it looks like:


  1. Include Social Share Icons In the Newsletters

Let your email subscribers know about your presence on Social Media. 

Therefore, when you send across a newsletter to your subscribers, you should always include social media links in the newsletter.

There are numerous ways you can put social shares in the Newsletters. 

Author’s Note: I am only giving you some examples. And since there’s no limit to creativity, you can decide your creative way of adding social share buttons in your emails or newsletters.

Way No. 1: Newsletters on Really Good Emails

A perfect blend of quirky lines and formatting.

Way No. 2: Grammarly Newsletter

Every section can have designated sharing options.

Way No. 3: Again Grammarly Newsletter

In the very end.

  1. Run Contests On Social Media And Extend Your Email List

Another way of extending your email list using social media is by running contests or giveaways. Make it compulsory for the audience to submit their email IDs if they wanted to participate. Although to keep the participation rate high, you need to keep enticing rewards for the winner because they will not participate when the rewards are not good. 

You can gauge your audience’s needs depending on what they like and generally post in their feed. After you have linked your email with your social networks, determining your audience’s needs will become easier.

  1. Retarget Your Email Subscribers Through Social Media Ads

Retargeting can do wonders for your business. Factually speaking, site visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert.


You can use social media to create a custom audience from your list of email subscribers and start running retargeting campaigns through ads, especially for them.

Author’s Note: To demonstrate how to do this, I will be using Facebook’s custom audience feature.

Step I: Open Facebook Ads Manager

You need to begin by opening the Facebook Ads manager.

Step II: Click On Audiences

When you have logged in to your Facebook Ads Manager, you need to select ‘Audiences’ under the ‘Assets’ section.

Step III: Choose Custom Audience

After selecting Audiences, a window will open, presenting you with three options: Create a Custom Audience, Create a Lookalike Audience, and Create a Saved Audience.

You need to select ‘Create a Custom Audience’.

Step IV: Upload Email File

Doing so leads to a popup that provides you with options to create a custom audience.

There you need to select ‘Customer File’ and upload your email list.

By running custom Ads on social media based on your email list, it will become easier to efficiently target your audience.

  1. Make A Social Media Community Of Brand Loyal Customers

The last way to combine Social Media and Email Marketing Perfectly.

When customers support your brand through its thick and thin, you must appreciate them for their support and loyalty.

Hence, it is advised that you create a private group of loyal customers on social networks and make them feel special.

And when more people wish to join the group or friends and family of the group members want to be a part of that group, you should state ’email subscription’ as essentiality for the members.

You can use the group to gain opinions about your brand and prizes that can be given in contests.

Final Thoughts

Social Media alongside Email Marketing is not at all a bizarre fusion. This combination is bound to boost almost every marketing effort you put.

Although, I agree that for some businesses, fusing these forms of marketing might not work as well as it would work for others. But, you will notice your leads generation, engagement rate, etc. go up a notch.

You still have to be patient because it takes a lot of time for strategies to start delivering outcomes finally.

There’s another suggestion, to gauge the success of these strategies and to know which one of them works for you and which one of them don’t, you should use Google Analytics. 

GA will provide you with every piece of information about your social media and email marketing.

…And that’s it!

So, Good Luck with combining both.

Also, these are just the ways I use for combining Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. If you have used some other ideas about integrating both, let me know about them in the comment section below.

I would be happy to extend the list further!

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