SEO What are Zero-Click Searches & How to Optimize for Them?

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In this post, you will learn everything about zero-click searches and find answers to questions such as:

  • What are zero-click searches?
  • What are the types of zero-click searches?
  • How to optimize for zero-click searches?

So, without further ado, let’s start.

What Are Zero-Click Searches?

Ever wondered about the reasons for having a low CTR (Click-through Rate) in the SERPs? Well, zero-click searches play a significant role in this. 

Here’s an example of a zero-click result in the SERPs:

Zero-click searches appear for queries related to or with terms like ‘how-to’, ‘meaning’, ‘time-zone’, ‘definition’, etc.

These snippets help improve the user’s search experience by providing accurate, brief, and immediate resolution to their queries. Due to this, 49% of all Google searches result in no clicks; hence they are called zero-click searches. Such searches diminish the necessity to click on a result because users are provided with the information they need in the SERPs itself.

While zero-click searches improved the user’s search experience, several websites have lost their organic traffic. Wikipedia alone lost 21% of its traffic due to position zero. 

There are three different types of zero-click searches. Let’s understand each of them.

What Are The Types Of Zero-Click Searches?

  1. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets rank above the other results in the top SERP. Each snippet provides the best-available and most relevant answer to the user’s query. There are 4 different types of featured snippets, let’s understand them briefly with examples:

  • Paragraph

Short paragraphs that appear in the SERPs when you search for queries which start with how, why, what, who, etc. Here’s how Google represents paragraph snippets in the SERPs:

  • Lists

Two types of lists appear in the SERPs: Numbered and Bulleted. Generally, they appear when users perform searches for step-by-step tutorials.

Note: Lists that are in order will be numbered; otherwise, they will be bulleted.

  • Table

Tables also appear in the SERPs, but they are not that common. Here’s an example of table snippets:

  • Videos

Videos get featured in the SERPs entirely or Google provides you a suggested clip based on your query. Here’s an example of video featured snippets:

  1. Instant Answers

From performing a simple calculus to learning the definition of a word, Google answers some of the queries itself. For example, you can perform a calculus:

Learn about the weather:

And define a word:

  1. Knowledge Graph

Knowledge graphs appear on the right side of the SERPs. They contain additional information about your searched query with relevant sources. Generally, the credible source of information for knowledge graphs is Wikipedia.

Here’s an example of a knowledge graph:

How To Optimize For Zero-Click Searches?

Google has full-control over instant answers and knowledge graphs, and websites don’t rank in such types of zero-click searches. So, you need to focus all your energy on optimizing for featured snippets.

  1. Prioritize High-Quality Content 

To acquire a featured snippet, make sure that you create high-quality content filled with valuable information for the user. Perform quality and detailed research for your content and focus on providing value by creating the best possible answer to the searched query. Also, include relevant images after 100 to 120 words to break the monotony of textual information and keep the reader’s engaged.

  1. Optimize Your Content With Question-Based Keywords

While optimizing your content with keywords, prioritize more on question-based keywords because featured snippets mostly appear for queries with these terms: what, why, when, where, who, how, can, etc. You can use keyword research tools like Answer The Public to find relevant question-based keywords. 

  1. Focus On The Content Structure

Structuring your content helps the crawler index and crawl your website efficiently. Also, a good content structure improves one of the primary SEO elements, and that is UX & UI. So, it would help if you used appropriate tags like title tag for the page title and heading tag for content headings and subheadings. 

Apart from this, if you divide your content into paragraphs, subheadings, pointers, and steps, the probability of it acquiring a featured snippet increases massively.

  1. Build Quality Links 

When doing SEO, you cannot ignore the importance of quality links. They were and are the most crucial SEO element that majorly influences a website’s authority and rankings. Google keeps quality links on a pedestal, so if you want to acquire a featured snippet, make sure that your content has plenty of quality backlinks.


That’s it.

This is all that you need to do if you want a featured snippet and dominate zero-click searches. However, here’s one more tip to ensure a higher success rate.

Whenever you define something, make sure you do that at the beginning of a paragraph and limit it to 58 to 60 words. This is because most featured snippets have a similar word count.

So, what are you waiting for? Optimize your website for zero-click searches today and welcome higher rankings and traffic.

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