SEO How User-Generated Content Can Help Your Business’ Growth

User-generated content can be one of the most powerful marketing tools your brand can have. But to get optimum results, you need to leverage UGC efficiently.

83% of people in the world take recommendations from family, friends, etc. before making a purchase decision. 

When I decide to purchase a product online, I don’t wish to take any chances, so I go to the comment section, which helps me make a better buying decision. 

Even researches have supported this:


Let’s say you are confused about buying an Apple iPhone or an Android Smartphone, so you go to your friends and family who have used such phones and ask them to share their experience. This helps you form a better decision because you trust their opinion, and some of them may have been using the phone for years now, kicking in the credibility factor.

Brands can leverage user-generated content and grow their business at an astounding rate. And here’s how you should do it:

  1. User-generated Content Helps You Create Engaging Content With Conversion Potential


User-generated content is your doorway to the world of limitless amounts of unique content that your users and readers are interested in reading. It also gives you knowledge about the trends.

If your brand has regularly been posting blogs and interacting with your audience, you must have a great number of comments; even in your social media posts, people might have posted comments. Do you know why they are doing this? Let me tell you. They want you to hear them and interact with them.

So, what should you do? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. You have to hear them, not just the comments but the mentions as well, and participate in the conversation. Through such interactions, you will learn what people are talking about your brand and your content. 

You will find different types of comments. Readers might comment on ways to make your article easily understandable to the audience. You will also be able to come with new ideas for your content when you participate in online conversations. There’s a lot of untapped value in online discussions, and you can leverage them and ensure your business’s growth.

  1. User-generated Content Helps Your Know More Your Target Audience


When you monitor what people are talking about your brand, you will gain insight into what your audience wants your brand to be like and how they perceive your brand.

Doing such rigorous monitoring will not only give you content creating ideas -as discussed in the first point- but also help you locate your brand-advocates, who have been loyal customers to your brand and are defending it from negative online comments.

When you locate them and understand your audience’s thinking, you will be able to develop a powerful data-driven and result-producing content and marketing strategy. 

You can use social media monitoring tools to monitor what people are talking about your brand actively and run them through sentiment analysis. Doing so, you can bifurcate negative and positive mentions and treat them accordingly.

  1. User-generated Content Efficiently Boosts Engagement, Widens Your Reach and Awareness

When you are writing content that lies in the boundaries of your audience’s interest, then you already have the upper hand at engaging them. 

You can take this a step ahead through your social media handle by hosting campaigns with hashtags and challenges. One such challenge is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which got so popular that several celebrities like Henry Cavil, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc. participated. The challenge was the epitome of challenges as it became the 5th most popular search on Google in 2014.

Brands like Happily Unmarried have been leveraging user-generated content and started using it for marketing. 

Here’s what they did: They requested their users to try their products and post an image alongside it after applying the product. Happily Unmarried motivated them to do so by featuring their pictures on the website.

This brings in engagement as more and more people will start submitting their images, and you can set a hashtag for that contest so that your audience starts using it and makes it trending on social media. 

Moreover, with more people using the hashtag, your brand’s reach and awareness will shoot through the roof. You will also capture and interact with a broader audience, giving you yet another boost of awareness, engagement, reach, and a possible increase in sales.

  1. User-generated Content Can Boost Your Site’s SEO


UGC is an effective medium to boost your website’s search engine optimization as well. When you start interacting and engaging with your audiences, you are automatically working on your SEO.

With UGC, you have explored your audience’s interests, which has given you the idea of creating content that lies in their interests; hence they will interact with your content and be eager to read more. In return, this will increase the session rate and decrease the bounce rate, which will lead Googlebot crawler into analyzing that particular content piece as authentic and rank your content on the top SERPs.

According to research performed by Kissmetrics, 25% of search results for the World’s Top 20 largest brands are linked to user-generated content. When people start linking to your brand and review it on their blogs and articles, they create link juice for you. They are giving you backlinks, yet another factor responsible for helping Google determine a website as authentic. Therefore, boosting your brand’s SEO.

  1. User-generated Content is Trusted By People & Google

Studies show that users spend 5.4 hours per day going through user-generated content. And 70% of the consumers trust them over any other form of professional reviews. So, depending on such a massive amount of trust that other users lay in UGC, brands are bound to keep their game strong in this one.

People trust UGC, and if they are negative, they will perceive a negative image of your brand, so a brand needs to keep UGC about itself as positive as possible. The subtle and simplistic way of doing so is by providing an excellent service that people will appreciate both online and offline.

UGC is also a ranking signal that Google monitors while ranking a website. So, make sure that you have positive online reviews and if you receive negative reviews, handle them on priority by providing immediate solutions.

  1. User-generated Content Can Help Increase Your Conversions

Yet another power that UGC holds is bringing in conversions. User-generated content can increase conversions by 74%, and that is only possible if UGC is majorly positive (in nature).

With more positive reviews, more people will begin to trust your brand and purchase your products, subscribe to your blog, and sign-up to your free tool.

Closing thoughts:

You might have noticed that all the points I made above were interlinked with each other somehow. It is because with UGC, if you do one thing, it has a snowball effect over a million other things.

When you aim at engagement, you are entertaining your audience, plus you are also boosting your SEO. 

UGC is one of the most powerful techniques a brand can master, and if it does so, then there is an abundant amount of content that it can use for its advantage to interact with its audiences and boost conversions, and acquire higher SERPs rankings.

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