SEO How to Start a Blog: A Short Beginner’s Guide

A blog can widen a person’s networking to innumerable people worldwide; this can increase if you follow the right practices.

As of 2016, 6.7 million people were blogging on sites such as Blogger, WordPress, etc. and 12 million opted for social networks such as Facebook, Tumblr, etc. as mediums to express opinions.

For Businesses, Blogging can be used as a perfect weapon to drive traffic, get ranked in the top SERPs, and increase sales.

The statistics also indicate that over 45% of online marketers consider blogging to be an effective medium to increase sales. And if a small business starts blogging, then their chances of leads generation increase by 126%.

However, before you start with the blog, you need to establish the foundations of it properly by keeping the essentialities in mind, so let’s begin.

What will the blog be about?

Choosing your blog niche makes it easier for you to identify the target audience and probable competitors. 

Through this, you can draft content catering to your target audience and gain more traffic and subscribers. Also, on identifying your competitors, you can study them and make comparatively better content.

Choose the right platform

Opting for a convenient platform that will effectively manage your blog and its content is our next focus. 

There are numerous blogging platforms, some of which offer hosting and others that allow you to create a blog. Out of those, the platforms used most by people for blogging include WordPress, Wix, Blogger, etc. 

These are popular platforms, but which one should you choose to operate on? As a beginner, you should go for a platform that demands minimum technical skills allowing you to set up your blog conveniently. 

Also, you should examine a platform keeping in mind the future of your blog, like how effectively a platform can handle and execute sudden improvements made to the blog; does the platform allow you to monetize your blog, and what all plugins can be installed to operate the blog better.

It is necessary to carefully choose your blogging platform because, later on, switching to a different platform altogether will only cause a waste of effort.

Paid platform is better than a free platform

Free platforms are preferable as WordPress and Blogger provide you with such services, but their features are limited.

Going for the paid versions will give you full control of the blog, including the monetizing, new themes, and full customization, plus more plugins and storage.

Make the interface interactive

Don’t entertain just the textual data, involve visual data like videos, images, and infographics as well. Visual content brings more engagement. And on posting pictures, every 75 – 100 words double the social shares. 

Also, as people access the internet more on their smartphones, it is advisable to make your blog mobile-friendly. You need to focus on the loading speed and its design; otherwise, there will be a drop in the traffic and conversions.

Content matters the most: The quantity & quality of it

Content matters the most in a blog. Enough quantity of content will drive traffic to your blog. But you need to focus on the quality too, as that convinces readers to subscribe and follow your blog. If the quality is not maintained, that leads to an increased bounce rate and, eventually, degrading traffic.

To improve the quality and focus on the compounding posts (which drive traffic), they will give you an idea of the content your audience is more engaged in and plan your following posts accordingly. 

There are old blog posts that must be handled as well. Analysis of your old posts will inform you about the content your readers don’t find interesting, and such posts must be controlled, improved, and simply removed.

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Save yourselves from content theft

If you are a beginner, content theft is likely to happen either from you or by you. Novice bloggers should read about copyright issues and content theft to save themselves from being its victim.  

Minor mistakes in such cases result in lawsuits. In such cases, necessary precautions are to be taken. 

It’s highly recommended that you always mention your source. If it’s your research, use watermarks, issue copyright notice, etc. to save your content from being copied. 

Search engine optimisation is an advantage

Knowing about SEO, keyword mapping, off-page, and on-page SEO, etc. will give you an upper hand over other bloggers. Search engine optimization will drive organic traffic to your blog and make it rank better in the search engine result pages.

The rank will attract potential advertisers for advertising on your platform and monetize your blog. The organic ranking will also build your community with regular readers and subscribers, gaining the stamp of authenticity and brand value.

Note: You can use SEO tools like RankWatch, Moz, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, etc. to help your website gain higher online visibility with ease. Also, to rank higher you need to analyze your competitors. For that, you can use the SEO IQ free tool. It runs a comparison analysis of your landing page with its top SERP competitors and provides 100% actionable solutions to outrank them.

Social media presence is important

You have just started blogging, but your site does not have enough blogs that can be ranked in the search results. So, there is hardly any chance of driving the traffic. 

So, if not the search engines, then from where? The answer is Social Networks. It would help if you began sharing the link of your blog and blog posts on social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your social media posts will drive traffic to your blog, and eventually, with the increased number of posts, comments, shares, your blog will be ranked in the SERPs.

Furthermore, after gaining the desired traffic and audience, you can make separate social media handles for your blog and promote it from those platforms.

The traffic driven from social media platforms will be organic traffic, and this will also play a part in earning your blog some ads.

Closing Thoughts

Blog develops an individual’s communicating and writing skills, and for a business, these blogs can attract more organic traffic. Although, these will have to be continuously updated with quality content to get more engagement. 

Blogging does not get you overnight success. You will have to regularly work on it and plan different marketing strategies to gain traffic. And as Martin Luther King Jr. said:

“We must accept finite disappointment but must never lose infinite hope.”

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