SEO How to Improve Your SEO with Email Marketing?

Like pineapple on pizza, email marketing and SEO are a weird combination. But people do love a pizza with pineapple topping, just like smart marketers who thrive to boost their SEO initiatives every way they possibly can.

People are bound to disagree with the idea because we all know GoogleBot crawler doesn’t aim at crawling over people’s personal emails -this would be unethical.

But you can still engage the audience and direct traffic to your website with emails, and if done well, you can boost SEO efficiently.

Increase In Session Rate And Decrease In Bounce Rate

The golden feature of email marketing is that it has enough potential to influence the bounce rate and session rate of a web page.

Wondering how? Let me tell you. But first, you need to understand why people subscribe to a blog:

  1. The blog has a lot of informative and valuable content.
  2. Readers find the information relevant and interesting.
  3. And they want to read more of your latest content pieces.

These are plausible reasons why people subscribe to a blog, but they don’t want their inbox to be loaded with unwanted emails. 

Now, let’s talk about “how.”

After subscribing, you will get notified with new posts in your email, you will click on the link, and just because the website serves to your interest, you stay longer on the web page and read the content piece. Hence, increasing the session rate and decreasing the bounce rate.

Any rise and fall in both of these rates affect search engine rankings. So, knowingly or unknowingly, through email marketing, you are optimizing and boosting your SEO efforts.

Tactically Engage The Audience Through Email 

Consumer And Online Comments And Reviews

People tend to trust online reviews and comments. 

People read online reviews before making their buying decisions, and to understand how good a product is.

Your web page engages the audience when it begins to regularly attract comments and reviews; this drives traffic to your website, eventually getting it ranked.

To attract more comments and reviews, you need to send out engaging emails that instill a call to action. You can create emails around ideas like:

  1. Requesting your audience to give their valuable feedback in the comment section.
  2. Involve links to your social handles in the emails aiming to drive the audience to visit and comment on your social media posts and generate organic engagement.
  3. Create content for a social cause and ask people to generously donate any amount they wish to, for bringing a change.

Although this does not directly affect SEO, indirectly it does. You are engaging your audience and driving more organic traffic to your social media handles and web page. Which is what you do in SEO: You aim to get your website organically ranked.

However, remember unwanted emails can get you flagged as spam, so make sure that you constructively choose your recipients (even for cold emails).


HTML Emails

Using HTML emails is yet another way of increasing conversions and driving more traffic to your website because, as compared to standard emails, HTML emails have an engaging design that recipients find interactive.

Usually, recipients do not read your email in detail; instead, they prefer scrolling through and just glancing at it. So, it would be best if you grabbed their attention the moment they opened your email. For doing that, HTML emails are the best way possible.

Time Is Also An Important Element

When you get a list of people to email, you cannot just go ahead and start sending out emails anytime you find it convenient. You need to strategically decide the time for sending out your emails for a higher success rate.

A study by Yesware shows that weekends would be the best time for sending out emails because, during weekends, the opening and replying rate of emails are comparatively more than what marketers experience during the weekday.


Also, the early and later hours of the day are when most recipients reply to their emails. Based on that time and your target audience, you can zero-in on the best time for sending out emails.


Building Links Through Email Marketing

With email marketing, marketers can not only generate engagement, but also they can build more inbound links.

Marketers know how important links are for their website. They increase its domain authority, making it a trustworthy source of information -higher DA (max. 100) leads to more people trusting a website as authentic.

While you request people to comment on your latest posts, you can also request them to link their individual content pieces to your blog. Or you can create an email marketing campaign specifically for link building.

If you want to increase the chances of getting more links, you need to create well-researched content pieces with the latest statistics to compel the reader to link to your post in the future.

You can even conduct your own research and inform the audience about its results, in the form of infographics or research papers, through email marketing.

Closing Thoughts:

Email Marketing and SEO is not a popular combination, but these three ways show you how effectively you can improve your SEO using email marketing.

Email marketing must be a part of every marketing strategy. It can help you increase your sales and conversions because the return on investment for email marketing is a surprising 4,300%.

These are the most vital points which influence marketers to opt for this age-old marketing technique.

Adding emails to your SEO strategy is a wise move. You are doing what you generally do but only modified it a bit to expand your success rate in acquiring higher rankings.

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